The Uniform Regulation of Virtual-Currency Businesses Act (URVCBA) provides a statutory framework for the regulation of companies engaging in “virtual-currency business activity”. Virtual-currency business activity means exchanging, transferring, or storing virtual currency; holding electronic precious metals or certificates of electronic precious metals; or exchanging digital representations of value within online games for virtual currency or legal tender. The URVCBA’s unique, three-tiered structure clarifies whether an individual or company engaging in virtual currency business activity is (1) exempt from the act; (2) must register; or (3) must obtain a license. The URVCBA also contains numerous consumer protections.
The Uniform Guardianship, Conservatorship, and other Protective Arrangements Act (UGCOPAA) is a comprehensive guardianship statute for the twenty-first century. It was drafted with extensive input from experienced guardianship judges and organizations that advocate for guardianship reform. UGCOPAA promotes person-centered planning to incorporate an individual’s preferences and values into a guardianship order, and requires courts to order the least-restrictive means necessary for protection of persons who are unable to fully care for themselves.
The Future of National and International Law Reform
Conference on the Uniform Law Commission and Law Reform: Past, Present, and Future. While the Uniform Law Commission's primary efforts over the years have been to prepare uniform legislation that is recommended for enactment in states of the United States, the Commission has always paid attention to law reform efforts in other countries, and to the possible impact of the Commission's work beyond the United States. In recent years, however, the ULC has undertaken a significant number of projects with international or transnational aspects, including working closely with the State Department on legislation necessary to implement numerous international conventions, and working with the Uniform Law Conference of Canada on projects that will result in closely harmonized legislation that will be enacted both in Canadian provinces and U.S. states.
Luncheon with Speakers
Conference on the Uniform Law Commission and Law Reform: Past, Present, and Future. ULC Commissioners will speak about the contributions of members of the University of Texas School of Law faculty to the work of the Uniform Law Commission.
The ULC Archives at Tarlton Library
Conference on the Uniform Law Commission and Law Reform: Past, Present, and Future. The ULC archive, housed at the University of Texas Tarlton Law Library, is rich in content. The drafts of acts, reports, memos, and other materials in the archived document the development of numerous uniform laws, allowing attorneys, judicial staff, and other researchers to trace the drafting history of an act and gain an understanding of the act's intended meaning and impact at the state level and nationally. This panel briefly describes the organization and contents of the ULC Archives.